Business Strategy

Business Strategy

The company possesses a broad-coverage patent that uses recombinant proteomic technology to purposefully design, develop and commercialize fusion bioactive proteins (hereinafter referred to as “Molecules”) for antiviral therapy and prophylaxis.  The combined market size for humans and animals is estimated at $58 billion in 2018, excluding Covid-19, SARS, and Dengue.

In essence, the principal patent (US Publication No. US 2013 / 0336955 A1) covers a recombinant technology that can be exemplified as a currency printing plate that can print different currencies of legal tender. Biovalence Technologies’ intellectual property has demonstrated proof of concept in a peer-reviewed scientific journal in 2014. In particular, one of the Molecules called RetroMAD1 is the first true antiviral molecule that clearly demonstrates efficacy against viral diseases in pets that were once thought to be incurable. Through its unique selling proposition to the pet healthcare industry as the only true and tested antiviral therapeutic in the market today, RetroMAD1 addresses a critical gap in the Pet Therapeutic market. The goal is to make RetroMAD1 as the antiviral therapeutic of the first choice in veterinary intervention.  The accessible market size for RetroMAD1 against the current 5 viral diseases, namely Feline Leukemia, Feline Immunodeficiency Syndrome, Feline Infectious Peritonitis, Canine Distemper, and Canine Parvovirosis, is estimated at US$8 billion in 2018.

Biovalence Technologies’ current business model is to first register and launch RetroMAD1 worldwide as the drug of the first choice against these viral diseases. With more than 60 years of combined experience in the animal health industry of 2 of the management team members, Biovalence Technologies outlines a compelling “go-to-market” strategy for investors.

In particular, Feline Infectious Peritonitis is caused by a coronavirus (FIPV). Mortality is more than 95% within a month. RetroMAD1 is shown to significantly improve survivability in cats afflicted with FIPV while being more affordable than GS-441. FIPV which is phylogenetically close to the coronaviruses that affect humans, namely SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19). More importantly, FIPV, SARS-CoV-2, AIDS virus, Dengue virus, and Ebola virus have a specific genetic mutation to activate a key protein in the host cell, called furin protease, that allows these viruses to massively invade the host cells. More importantly, RetroMAD1 is demonstrated by independent laboratories in the U.S., Australia, and Singapore to be particularly potent in vitro against FIPV, Dengue virus, AIDS virus, and Ebola virus. The race is on to find a treatment against Covid-19.

Today, RetroMAD1 has entered the race as reported in the Singapore broadsheet on 17 March 2020. The first company that can find a cure to medically and economically important human and animal diseases will be a global game-changer. Biovalence Technologies aspires to be that game-changer and wants to contribute its small part to the community and society.

Intellectual Property Strategy

As with all biopharmaceutical companies, Biovalence Technologies’ intrinsic value lies in its highly defensible intellectual property. The company defends its intellectual property at 3 levels:

  • The company prosecutes the principal patent of its recombinant proteomics technology that protect the design of novel chimeric fusion proteins through the combinatorial geometry of close to 100 naturally occurring antiviral peptides, their synthesis and bioprocessing, and their use thereof;
  • The principal patent is further ring-fenced with forward patents through the extension of disease claims, novel applications, and galenic formulations;
  • The trade secret of the activation of the antiviral property that gives the company’s chimeric fusion proteins their unique features and advantages is held by only 2 people in the company, one of whom is the CTO.

24, July, 2024